Rules for playing Tambola/Houzee

You can download/copy/save/print these rules and make changes in these rules when you play your Tambola/houzee Game

  1. A caller needs to pick a CUE without seeing the box/container containing CUEs
  2. A caller needs to shake the box/container containing CUEs, if asked by a player
  3. A player can claim a WINNING only before the next CUE is called out (e.g. Say 50 was called out and a player wins a WINNING on CUE 50. He/she does not claims his/her WINNING before the next CUE is called out. Then he/she can't claim his/her winning)
  4. If a player claims that he/she has won a particular WINNING, then CALLER or ORGANISOR needs to check his/her claim by matching his/her Ticket with all the CUEs called out. If it is found that player claimaing a specific WINNING was false, then his/her ticket is BOOGY i.e. this Ticket cannot play further. In such a case, if there are any prizes already Won on this ticket then the player doesn't loses these already won prizes
  5. In case of a TIE on a particular CUE for a particular WINNING, either prize can be distributed among all players involved in the TIE or could be given to the player who CLAIMED it first
  6. A player can't WIN more than 1 WINNINGS. If a player has already won a WINNING, he can't claim another WINNING, but can play for a FULL House. (Optional)
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