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Holi Letters Anywhere 13
Holi Anywhere 13
Classic Boxes Balloons

Classic tambola housie cards with colorful balloon shapes as cue boxes. Numbers are placed on these balloons. Classic housie has rectangular grid with numbers in rectangle cells. Colorful balloon shaped cue boxes are here to make it interesting again if you are bored with regular classic cards. In addition to prizes for normal tambola there are additional prize dividends.
Colour Fun

List of daily use item categories are given on left side. Coloured circles are given on right. For the item category on left write 1 item for each of the coloured circle on right.
Guess Holi Songs Movies

Songs are present on left. Guess and write movie to which a particular song belongs to on right.
Colour Names 2

Questions are given. Answer them with word or words having colour name in them.
Pichkari Holi Anywhere 12

Tambola Housie with a pichkari design and a message. Hearts have numbers written on them. Prizes would be like Tambola. 3 lines, 6 columns, 3 colour columns (2 columns each).
Holi Similar Words

Words ending with LI. Write answers to questions which are similar in ending with word Holi. e.g. Puja main jo aaye kaam... Roli (LI in roli is giving same pronunciation at end).
Colour Digging

Find out colour name from within the sentence. Colour name could be formed from different words. Like some letters of colour from ending of 1 word and next letters of colour name from starting of next word. e.g. Kiska Lal Dupatta. Take KA from Kiska and LA from Lal to form KALA.
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