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Classic Summer Background kukuba - Summer
Summer Activities kukuba 4 - Summer Activities Anywhere 4
Summer Camp Classic Triplet - Summer camp design with 3 tickets on 1 card. Guests love to play classic housie with multiple tickets. With 3 tickets on a card will make it more interesting with many prizes. Various prizes are mentioned on individual cards. Host can include more dividends. Design has beautiful border, kids images. Dividend names are mentioned in english and dividend lines in hindi.
Summer Drinks kukuba 6 - Summer Drinks Anywhere 6
Summer Food kukuba 8 - Summer Food Anywhere 8
Summer Item Count - Various summer related items are present. Count occurrences of each items.
Summer kukuba 1 - Summer anywhere 1
Summer kukuba 2 - Summer kukuba 2
Summer Memory Recall - A board with images of summer related items would be shown to players/guests for 1 to 2 minutes. Give them answer sheets to fill answers to given questions. Board is shown only once for specified duration. Players have to memorise the board and then write items in their respective answer sheets based on the given mind teasing questions.
Summer Mix kukuba 10 - Summer Mix Anywhere 10
Summer Mix kukuba 8 - Summer Mix Anywhere 8
Summer Mix kukuba 9 - Summer Mix Anywhere 9
Summer Sun Words - Write answers with word SUN in them. Clues are given on left. Players have to write answers in front of the given clue.
Summer Tour kukuba 2 - Summer Tour Anywhere 2
Summer Tour kukuba 3 - Summer Tour Anywhere 3
Summer Wear kukuba 11 - Summer Wear Anywhere 11
Summer Wear kukuba 5 - Summer Wear Anywhere 5
Summer Word Chain Search - Summer Word Chain Search
Summer Word Jumble - Summer Word Jumble
Summer Word Puzzle 1 - Summer Word Puzzle 1
Summer Word Strike - Summer Word Strike I Cant See My Ice Cream - Couple Theme Party Game
Make the beach babes - Summer Theme Party - Beach Theme Party
Painting With rangoli Colors - Rainy Season Theme - Summers Theme - General Theme - Girls Theme
The Thirsty Crow - General Theme Party Game - Summer Theme Party Game - Kitty Party Theme Game - Childhood Theme Party Game