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Classic Playing Cards Box - Classic tambola housie cards with different playing card suit shapes as cue boxes. Numbers are placed on these suit shapes. Classic housie has rectangular grid with numbers in rectangle cells. Suit shaped cue boxes are here to make it interesting again if you are bored with monotonous plain classic cards. In addition to prizes for normal tambola there are additional prize dividends.
Pingu Connect Playing Cards kukuba 1 - Cue boxes are present in circular form in 3 concentric circles. 6 cue boxes are present in inner circle, 7 cues in middle circle, 8 cues in outer circle. Images are present between cue boxes in each circle with each image having cue boxes on either side. Concept is to complete an image by striking out both numbers on either side of an image. An image gets completed when numbers around it are striked out. Complete number of images as given on right side of card to win.
Playing Card Count Items - Playing card shapes are present with numbers written on them. Count occurrences of shapes, numbered based shapes.
Playing Cards -
Playing Cards Joker Vertical -
Playing Cards Joker Vertical Background -
Playing Cards Joker Vertical Images -
Playing Cards Joker Vertical Images Big -
Playing Cards Joker Vertical Images Big Random - This is Playing cards based game. It is played using playing cards (available from market) and is similar to tambola housie. 16 cues (of playing cards) are present on each card. 4 from each of the colour category. Concept of joker has been introduced. 1 randomly picked cue/card is changed to a Joker card which can be used to substitute and use as a dividend when line, house etc. is pending and only Joker cue is left.
Playing Cards kukuba 1 - Playing Cards Anywhere 1
Playing Cards kukuba 10 - To be played with playing cards. 4 groups of each colour with 4 playing card numbers are present on each card. Host picks a random card from deck of cards and announces it. Players strike the same colour category number on their respective cards. Multiple dividend options can be possible.
Playing Cards kukuba 11 - To be played with numbers. Numbers are present in 4 different groups of playing card categories i.e. spade, club, heart, diamond.
Playing Cards kukuba 12 - To be played with numbers. Numbers are present in 4 groups.
Playing Cards kukuba 13 - Tambola housie based on playing cards with 30 numbers. Player has to strike out called number if present on card. There can be some interesting dividends.
Playing Cards kukuba 2 - Playing Cards Anywhere 2
Playing Cards kukuba 3 - Playing Cards Anywhere 3
Playing Cards kukuba 4 - Playing Cards Anywhere 4
Playing Cards kukuba 5 - Playing Cards Anywhere 5
Playing Cards kukuba 6 - Playing Cards Anywhere 6
Playing Cards kukuba 7 - Playing Cards Anywhere 7
Playing Cards kukuba 8 - Playing Cards Anywhere 8
Playing cards kukuba 9 - Playing cards Anywhere 9
Playing Cards Mobile Number kukuba 1 - Playing Cards Mobile Number Anywhere 1
Playing Cards Mobile Number kukuba 2 - Number based housie based on playing cards and mobile numbers. Players have to write 10 digit mobile number on their card. Host takes 40 cards from playing cards deck with A to 10 for each suit. A stands for 1 and 10 stands for 0. Host randomly takes 1 card and announce it. With the combination of mobile number digit and suit colour above it player has to check if the called number matches with any such combination on his/her card. If it is there than player can strike it. There can be multiple interesting dividends.
Playing Cards Points kukuba 1 - Tambola Housie based on playing cards with point system. Numbers are present on playing card suits. Player have to strike number when it is called. Points for each suit are provided on right. When a number is strike out then player gets points depending on suit. Sum of points to win prizes based on point dividends.
Playing Cards Tagyab - A number based game. Fun and engaging games for players where they just don't strike the numbers which are called but marks a boundary around it. e.g. if number 3 is called then player has to draw a boundary on dotted lines of box having number 3. This boundary becomes a path. tagyab is Tag and Go - You are Ban. Total 90 numbers are required for the game. 81 cells are present on a card with 9x9 grid. 76 cells are filled with numbers. 4 set of playing cards images are present on each with each set having 2 same images. Host calls out numbers randomly. If a number is present on a player's card then he/she has to mark a boundary on all 4 sides around that number on the dotted line already given. Concept of the game is to form a connected path between images by using marked lines. There are some green and red marked lines already present on card. Green lines are already connected and can be used in path. Red lines are banned and cannot be used in any path. Players have to connect same images, outer images to win.