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Classic Holi Background kukuba -
Classic Holi Background kukuba 2 -
Classic Holi Background kukuba 3 -
Classic Holi Background kukuba 4 -
Classic Holi Background kukuba 5 -
Classic Holi Background kukuba 6 -
Guess Holi Songs Movies - Songs are present on left. Guess and write movie to which a particular song belongs to on right.
Holi Alphabet Item Names - Alphabets from A to Z are written on a playing sheet. Players have to write an item name starting from the alphabet related to theme Holi. Person with most related words win. This could be based on time like 2 minutes.
Holi Background -
Holi Background Classic - Classic tambola housie with Holi theme. It is having colourful holi background.
Holi Bingo Names - Bingo game based on Holi theme related words.
Holi Bingo Numbers - Holi Bingo Numbers
Holi Celebrity Movie Guess -
Holi Celebrity Movie Tambola Guess -
Holi Count Items 1 - Count number of different items given on card. It could be simple counting or based on criteria. In simple counting, players have to count number of occurrences of different items. In based on criteria, host will ask how many total items, how many items of each kind, how many items above line, how many below line, how many in zone etc. or there could be other criterias. Person who answers correctly wins.
Holi Count Word Chain Search -
Holi Count Word Search -
Holi Crossword Kukuba -
Holi Crossword Puzzle - Clues and hints are provided for answers that have to be written across and down. Separate clues for across and down are provided. Clues, hints and answers are based on Holi Theme. Players have to identify related words that fits into puzzle. There could be more than one answer for a clue but the best fit in the puzzle have to be used. Person who finishes first this crossword puzzle is the winner. Host can also make it as a time based game.
Holi Crypto - Sentences or some messages are encoded and written on playing sheet. An example is provided along with crypto key. Players have to decode words, sentences and messages correctly. Player who decodes correctly and is fastest is the winner.
Holi Guess Name - A tag card is pasted on player's/guest's back. A word is written on tag card from the theme. It could be played in different ways. In the game each player has to guess her name by asking Yes and No questions to other guests. It is a good activity for ice-breaker.
Holi kukuba 1 - Holi Anywhere 1
Holi kukuba 10 - Holi tambola housie with 7 groups.
Holi kukuba 12 -
Holi kukuba 13 -
Holi kukuba 14 -
Holi kukuba 2 - Holi Anywhere 2
Holi kukuba 3 - Holi Anywhere 3
Holi kukuba 4 - Holi Anywhere 4
Holi kukuba 5 - Holi Anywhere 5
Holi kukuba 6 - Holi Anywhere 6
Holi kukuba 7 - Holi Anywhere 7
Holi kukuba 8 - Numbers are written on holi letters H, O, L, I
Holi kukuba 9 - Holi horizontal tambola housie design with 5 groups.
Holi Letters kukuba 13 -
Holi List 1 - Tambola Housie with holi related words.
Holi List 2 - Tambola Housie based on words related to Holi.
Holi Maze - Find the way through maze. First person to complete and find the way successfully wins.
Holi Memory Recall - Recall Holi related items. A board having item images/names is shown to players for a specified time generally 1 minute. Players can memorize the board layout and items. After board is shown to players, host gives answer sheets to players. Players have to provide answers based on questions in answer sheet. Some questions are like what all items you can recall. It could be based on area, colour etc. Winner will be the person with most correct answers. Host can also organise this game by asking how many items based on a particular criteria.
Holi Name Tag - A tag card is pasted on player's/guest's back. A word is written on tag card. In the game it would be person's new name. All guests have to address this person with this new name. If anyone is found using real or wrong game then she would be fined. Fines can be decided by host like giving a chocolate, donating 10 Rs. or doing some activity. It is a good activity for ice-breaker.
Holi Number Count Items 2 - Count number of different items given on card. Many items are present randomly. Some items are shown for which counting has to be done by players. For each such item, occurrence may be zero times or more. First player to correctly tell occurrence of all of these items win.
Holi Pass the Parcel - Instructions are written on chits of paper. These chits can be placed in a bowl or pasted (with little glue) on parcel. Host hand over bowl/parcel to one of the guests at random. Guest picks up a slip and read it. She follows the instruction. Bowl/Parcel is passed onto someone. This next person picks a slip and do as per instruction. Same process is repeated till bowl is empty. Person who is pointed out at the end is winner.
Holi Price is Right - Items along with image and name are present on cards. Players have to the guess the price of item. Player with closest price wins. In case of a tie lower price wins. Players have to write price in a given time. Players write their names on card. Host collects the cards. Host can give small gifts/chocolates to winner of each item.
Holi Quiz - Questions, hints, instructions are given and answers are to be written by players. There could be one word answers, sentences, fill in the blanks, multiple choice options, drawing instructions etc. Questions are related to Holi. It could be time based game or on first finish basis. Mix of different types of questions are included in quiz. Questions can carry different marks. Host checks the sheet. Player with maximum marks win.
Holi Quiz 2 - Write answer to questions in holi quiz. Questions can be multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true/false related to holi theme.
Holi Sab Ki Soch - How common is your thought. A quick entertaining game with active participation of host and guests. Person with most common thought wins. A set of multiple choice questions are provided on a card with 4-5 answers. All answer options are correct. Cards are distributed to players. Player has to mark 1 option for each question. A time of 2 to 5 minutes is given for marking answers. Players write their names on cards. After time is over players give their cards to some other player for checking. After cards are exchanged they have to be checked by other players and marks are given. Host start from 1st question and asks who all have option A marked for Question 1 in the answer sheet they are checking. Host counts number of hands raised. This number is the marks given to these answer sheets for Question 1. This meant how much common thought was there as Option A for Question 1. Next, host asks which all answer sheet have option B marked for Question 1. Again number of hands raised are counted. Marks are given equal to number of raised hands. Similarly, other options are checked for Question 1. After Question 1 same steps are done for rest of the questions. After all questions are checked in this way, a total of marks is calculated for each answer sheet. Answer sheet with most marks win. This means that this person has most common thoughts.
Holi Scrabble - Sentences are present. Players have tp create words using alphabets from these sentences. Points are given based on word length. Player with maximum points win. This game could be time based.
Holi Similar Words - Words ending with LI. Write answers to questions which are similar in ending with word Holi. e.g. Puja main jo aaye kaam... Roli (LI in roli is giving same pronunciation at end).
Holi Sit Stand - Host reads instructions written on a card. Players/guests forms a circle and stand in front of their chairs. Host reads 1 instruction at a time. Guests do as per the instructions. Guests have to sit/stand/toggle as per instruction. Guest(s) standing after the last instruction is/are winner(s).
Holi Songs kukuba 1 - Tambola Housie based on Holi related songs. Songs are grouped instead of lines. Group names can be used as dividends.
Holi Songs kukuba 2 - Number Tambola Housie with a holi song. Numbers are filled in songs lines.
Holi Songs Match - Songs names are given on left. Match them with movie names on right.
Holi Songs Movie Cross Match - List of holi songs from movies are present on left. Movies names are provided on right in jumbled/shuffled format. Players have to identify correct combination of holi songs and movies. People with correct combination wins. This could be time based game or first person to correctly complete wins. This game can be played by matching left to right or right to left.
Holi Songs Movie Quiz - Questions, instructions based on Holi are given and answers are to be written by players. There could be one word answers, write sentences, fill in the blanks, multiple choice options, drawing instructions etc. This could be time based game or on first finish basis. Mix of different types questions is present in quiz. Questions can carry different marks which can be decided by host. Host checks the sheet. Player with maximum marks win.
Holi Stuff Names kukuba 1 - Holi Stuff Names Anywhere 1
Holi Sudoku - Popular sudoku game based on theme. Alphabets and Images are present which have to be solved. Matrix size is smaller than 9x9 i.e. 6x6 for a quick game. First person to solve it correctly wins.
Holi Tagyab - A number based game. A fun and engaging games for players where they don't just strike the numbers which are called but marks a boundary around it. tagyab - Tag and Go - You are Ban. Total 90 numbers are required for the game. 81 cells are present on a card with 9x9 grid. 76 cells are filled with numbers. 4 set of images are present on each with each set having 2 same images. Host calls out numbers randomly. If a number is present on players' card then he has to mark a boundary on all 4 sides around that number on the dotted line already given. Concept of the game is to form a connected path between images by using marked lines. There are some green and red marked lines already present on card. Green lines are already connected and can be used in path. Red lines are banned and cannot be used in any path. Players have to connect same images, outer images to win.
Holi Tender - It is also known as Lowest Unique Price Tender Game. Item with name and image are present on card. Players have to write a price for that item as positive integer i.e. 1 or more than 1. Lowest price amount which is unique is the winner i.e. only one person has given that amount. In case there is no unique price amount then lowest price with 2 persons will be considered for a win and by lottery system 1 winner can be identified. Similarly in case no persons are found then take 3 persons and so on.
Holi What in Purse - Host asks the players/guests about items. Host announces item name and guests tell if they have that item. This game can be played in different ways A playing sheet having item names under points category are given to guests. Guests mark the items they have. Points are calculated and player with maximum points win. In another way of playing, host can also announce items randomly and in between can say count. Player with maximum points at that time wins.
Holi Wisdom Cards - Wisdom activity cards are handed over to guests by host. Guests can write words of wisdom on Holi and give it to host. Words of wisdom can be instructions, wishes etc. Host can ask them to read aloud or keep them to read it alone later.
Holi Word Jumble - Jumbled up words are present on cards. Players have to unjumble the words. Words are based on Holi theme. This could be a time based game where person who solves maximum words correctly in given time frame wins or based on first finish correctly.
Holi Word Mining - Create small and big words from a word given on card. Points are given based on word length. Player with maximum points win. This game could be time based.
Holi Word Search - Search for holi related names in jumbled Grid. Names are present Horizontally, Vertically, Diagonally in forward and reverse order. Person who searches all words correctly in the grid is winner.
Holi Word Strike - A number based game similar to tambola housie. 26 numbers are present on card along with an alphabet. Each alphabet is present only once. Some words are given on right. These are holi theme based words. Host call numbers randomly. If a number is present on a player's card then player strikes corresponding alphabet from the words provided on right. Prizes could be striking all alphabets of a word, all words, all vowels, all consonants etc.
Pichkari Holi kukuba 11 - Numbers written on Pichkari. Different colours of colorful pichkaris.
Pichkari Holi kukuba 12 - Tambola Housie with a pichkari design and a message. Hearts have numbers written on them. Prizes would be like Tambola. 3 lines, 6 columns, 3 colour columns (2 columns each).