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Family Kukuba 11

Family Kukuba 11
Rishtey kukuba 1

Rishtey Natey Tambola Tickets. Celebrate the special love you possess for your family members and all your near and dear ones by playing an interesting round of tambola over these printed ‘Rishtey Natey’ tambola tickets designed keeping a Happy Family Day theme kitty party.
Grand Parents kukuba 1

Grand Parents kukuba 1
Relative Relations Female

Find out relationship with you (as female) for given brain teasing clues of relations. Find out how is person related to you.
Family Relations Big

Write answers to family relations questions based on relationships given in pictorial chart.
Relatives Relationship

Find out relationship with you (as male) for given brain teasing clues of relations. Find out how is person related to you.
Family kukuba 8

Family kukuba 8
Saas Bahu kukuba 1

Saas Bahu Anywhere 1
Picnic kukuba 1

Picnic Anywhere 1
Marriage Stuff Names kukuba 1

Marriage Stuff Names Anywhere 1
code: list599
product: Word kukubaClassic housie has numbers present on it which has to be striked. Word tambola has Word, Item Name, Names, Songs, Movies, Images instead of numbers. Though on card a name or image could be present along with number but it has to be played by calling word, name, song, movie name, image name, by showing image. Players have to strike out word, name, song, movie, image on cards. Another variant could be quiz based. In normal housie a number is called and same number is striked on cards. In Quiz Housie a questions is put and answer has to be striked out. e.g. A song is called, movie name has to be guessed which is present on cards and striked. A movie dialog is called out, movie has to be identified and striked. In education housie, a general knowledge question is called, answer has to be striked. In case of image housie, an Image is shown, player has to strike image on cards. (KukubaKukuba is an item strike based paper game where host announces a number, name, displays image, gives hint or ask question and players have to identify and strike them on their cards. It is similar in concept to other popular games like Tambola Housie and Bingo but differs with them by having more variety in form of grid size, total numbers, names, images, question answer, designer, theme based etc. There are many variants for kukuba like classic kukuba, joker kukuba, double kukuba, duplicate kukuba, pingu, tagyab, crossword kukuba, wordsearch kukuba etc.)
theme: Wedding
Diwali kukuba 3

Diwali Anywhere 3
Family kukuba 1

Family Anywhere 1
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