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Short forms are given, full forms are to be written. E.g. LOL - Laugh Out Loud
For each Alphabet from A to Z, player has to write a provide numbers from 1 to 26 to each alphabet randomly. Sheets are exchanged after players write the numbers. Host tells the message secret. Players write the secret message in space provided. Players check sheets and provides numbers for each alphabet based on what numbers has given by Player A. A total of number is done. Player with maximum (and minimum) total number wins. Other prizes could be included based on certain magic number. e.g. Player A has given 2 to A, 8 to B, 5 to C and so on. Player B checks Player A's sheet. Secret Message is Magic. Player B writes 2 for A, 5 for C, and similarly for M, G, I based on what Player A has written for those alphabets. A total is done.
Like a word search game, names have to be found. In block word search, blocks are present like a Sudoku game. There could be 1 or more words in a block based on word chain search. All words have to be found and marked.
Puzzles and other brain tickling questions. Could be mathematics, logic, interpretation, riddles.
Do a calculation based on value of an item. Do addition, subtraction and other mathematical operations. It could be based on some logic.
Questions, clues are given along with list of all answers for questions. Choose answer for a question from the given list of answers.
Based on given clues, answer has to be provided. Clue could be single or multiple.
Count calculation is slightly different from Count Items or Count game. In this not only counting of items is done but some calculation is required. There could be some different ways for this game. Multiple items can be placed in different zones, shapes. Calculation of items can be done based on following rule: Calculate Item 1 in Zone A + Zone B - Zone c. Another example could be Calculate Item 1 + Item 2 in Zone A - Zone B. Another type of game could be where Zones are overlapping. Here, union and intersection can be done. Like Count Item 1 in Zone A Union Zone B which means if Item is coming in overlapping area of Zone A and Zone B then it has to be counted 1 time only.
Count number of different items given on card. It could be simple counting or based on criteria or count shown images. In simple counting players have to count number of occurrences of different items. In based on criteria host will ask how many blue colored items, how many items above blue line, how many in pink zone etc. In count shown images, many items are present randomly. Some items are shown for which counting has to be done by players. For each such item occurrence may be zero times or more. First player to correctly tell occurrence of all of these items win.
It is similar to word search but little bit more difficult and interesting. It is also similar to Word Chain Search with slight difference. There are different words in Word Chain Search but in Count Word Chain Search there is generally one word which has to be searched for all occurrences and counted. In word search, words are present as vertical, horizontal, diagonal. It could be in forward or reverse direction. There is one direction only. But in word chain search words are not present in one direction. Each alphabet/letter of word is present adjacent to previous alphabet/letter of word. Adjacent could be on top, left, bottom, right but not diagonal. e.g. Word is GAME. A chain is formed where first letter (G) is placed in a cell. Next alphabet (A) is placed on bottom of (G). Next alphabet (M) is adjacent right to (A) which is previous alphabet of word. (E) is placed below to previous alphabet (M).
Like in word search different words have to be searched which could be horizontal, vertical, diagonal in straight as well as reverse direction. Here, same word (generally) has to be searched. Same word would be present multiple times. How many times that word is present has to be counted along with where it is present has to be marked. Generally there is only 1 word. But game could include more than 1 words to be searched.
List of items which such as names, answers, sentences (with or without images) are present on left. Answers to them are provided on right in jumbled/shuffled format. Players have to identify correct combination. People with correct combination wins. This could be time based game or first person to complete correctly wins. This game can be played by matching left to right or right to left.
Clues and hints are provided for answers that have to be written across and down. Separate clues for across and down are provided. Players have to identify related words that fits into puzzle. There could be more than one answer for a clue but the best fit in the puzzle have to be used.
Words or sentences or some messages are encoded. Encoded key may or may not be provided. Players have to decode words, sentences or messages correctly. Player who decodes correctly and is fastest is the winner. Multiple crypto encoding can be done. Like shifting one alphabet, reverse word, jumble. Games can be created based on single crypto or mix of multiple crypto.
Role a dice and start the journey. Generally used for punctuality games played one by one. Player/guest rolls a dice and hosts keeps a toffee/item after moving forward as the number shown on dice. Based on game rules a one of the toffee/item is placed or picked. Winner is generally person with most toffees/items.
Sentences are given and blanks are given. Players have to fill blanks. This can be created for many themes. Blanks could be provided in between or at end of the sentence. Player to finish first with correct answers could be the winner or it could be based on time.
A quiz based on images. Image has to be identified based on given image, clue. e.g. guess actor based on image shown.
Terms/Sentences are present in a set in an jumbled order. Unjumble them to win.
Host has to write List of items based on theme or as per playing sheet. Players also write list of items on their respective cards based on same requirement. Player whose list items matches most with the list of host wins. This could be played based on time i.e. 1 minute extra then the time taken by host.
A type of quiz, brain teaser. Mark answer as yes/no or right/wrong based on question, logic.
Various Items/Images are present 0 or more times on a card. These are present randomly. It is played in multiple rounds. Host announces pair, triplet or more items along with count of each item in each round. Players having same number of each item in that round gets a point. Player(s) having maximum point wins. e.g. there are total 10 items. Host will have a pre-defined list or one can be created by host (for multiple games), Let say item names are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I & J. In 1st round Host announces 2B+3F. Now players have to count B's and F's on their cards. If any player has exactly 2 B's and 3 F's then he/she gets some points say 3 (1 or more). If only one is found as exact match i.e. 2 B's then player gets 1 point. If both items are more than or equal to then that of host i.e. 4 B's and 3 F's then 2 points This is done for very round.
Identical or Similar matching has to be done. There would be two sets. First set would be image or text having multiple images/text blocks as a board. Second set would be cutout of blocks of image/text. Blocks from second set has to be matched with first set and placed on first set. In case of same images, same image from set 2 has to be placed on set 1. In case of text, matching/related text block has to be placed on image on set 1.
All Items are present 1 or more times. Generally 2 times each (may vary). A sequence number is given to every item present. Sequence numbers of matching items have to be written. Example: There are say 40 different items. Each item is present 2 times making it 80 items. These items are jumbled. Numbering of items is done from 1 to 80. Now, assume that item at Sequence Number 1 is matching with item at Sequence Number 23. So, answer would be 1,23.
A maze is given. Players have to find way from one side of the maze to other side. Person whose finds the maze path first is the winner.
Other form Word Jumble. Words are jumbled and mixed. They are written in different font sizes but not in a linear word format. Letters of word are separated. 1 letter is written in centre, next on top, other one on left side and so on. Word has to be identified.
Accurate and Quick Typing on mobile phone and sending it to a particular number using SMS, Messenger, Chat apps. An image or document is given where text, smileys, emojis are written. Same has to be typed in mobile app and send.
A master/category key word along with other words are present on a card. Teams are formed. Host or member of other team announces master keyword. The team has to identify all words on the card. These words are related to master keyword based on category of master keyword. These are theme based cards. Team players say words one by one. If word is present on card then host strikes the name on card. Winner is the team which identifies all the words in least time. Other criteria could be team with most success rate i.e. minimum words used to identify all names.
Items are present on cards. Players have to the guess the price of item. Player with closest price wins. In case of tie lower price wins.
Also known as Lowest Unique Price Tender Game. Item(s) are present on card/real. Players have to write a price for that item as positive integer i.e. 1 or more than 1. Lowest price amount which is unique is the winner i.e. only one person has given that amount. In case there is no unique price amount then lowest price with 2 persons will be considered for a win and by lottery system 1 winner can be identified. Similarly in case no persons are found then take 3 persons and so on.
Questions, hints, instructions are given and answers are to be written by players. There could be one word answers, sentences, fill in the blanks, multiple choice options, drawing instructions etc. These could be based on theme. These could be time based games or first finish basis. Mix of different types questions can be included in a quiz. Questions can carry different marks. Host checks the sheet. Player with maximum marks win.
How common is your thought. A quick entertaining game with active participation of host and guests. Person with most common thought wins. A set of multiple choice questions are provided on a card with 4-5 answers. All answer options are correct. Cards are distributed to players. Player has to mark 1 option for each question. A time of 2 to 5 minutes is given for marking answers. Players write their names on cards. After time is over players give their cards to some other player for checking. After cards are exchanged they have to be checked by other players and marks are given. Host start from 1st question and asks who all have option A marked for Question 1 in the answer sheet they are checking. Host counts number of hands raised. This number is the marks given to these answer sheets for Question 1. This meant how much common thought was there as Option A for Question 1. Next, host asks which all answer sheet have option B marked for Question 1. Again number of hands raised are counted. Marks are given equal to number of raised hands. Similarly, other options are checked for Question 1. After Question 1 same steps are done for rest of the questions. After all questions are checked in this way, a total of marks is calculated for each answer sheet. Answer sheet with most marks win. This means that this person has most common thoughts.
Find given words list like Word Search game. From the remaining alphabet cells make a secret word/sentence. Generally for making secret word/sentence all alphabets should be use. But in some games it would be only some alphabets which are used making it more difficult.
In a word search grid where single alphabet is present in each cell some given alphabets have to be striked out to reveal the phrase which could be a sentence or a word. Exact sentence with multiple words have to be formed the revealed phrase. e.g. After striking out all given alphabets B, C, M, N etc. from grid remaining alphabets are IAMGOOD. Sentence from this could be I Am Good.
A game of synchronization where various items are present and have to be arranged in synchronization based on given rules. Terms, items, images are present in a pair of 2. 2nd term has to be searched among other items from the given list as 1st term. Then 2nd term of this searched item has to be searched like above. Term names have to be written in correct sequence to win. e.g. 6 Terms are there as 5 items. A, B, C, D, E, F are terms. These are arranged as following items A-C, E-B, C-E, B-F, F-D. Now, A is followed by C, C is followed by E, E is followed by B and so on. So solution is: A-C-E-B-F-D
Host asks the players/guests about items. Host announces item name and guests tell if they have that item. This game can be played in different ways. A playing sheet having item names under points category are given to guests. Guests mark the items they have. Points are calculated and player with maximum points win. In another way of playing, host can also announce items randomly and in between can say count. Player with maximum points at that time wins. Another way of playing could be host announce an item name. First player to show that item is winner.
Games based on strategy. Generally involves less players to play simultaneously. e.g. Tic Tac Toe, Dot Box
Popular sudoku game in different sizes. Theme based sudoku cards for party. Numbers, Letters and Images are present which have to be solved. Matrix could be smaller than 9x9 i.e. 6x6 for a quick game. First person to solve it correctly wins.
A master keyword is given which has to be identified. Some restricted words are present on cards which cannot be used by the leader. Teams are formed. A member of team (leader) is given this card by host. Leader has to give hints to his team but he cannot use restricted words. These cards are theme based. Team which identifies master keyword in least time is the winner.
Word or words are given and players have to provide answers for these word(s). Games can be based on theme. Some games could be providing names of animal kids based on animal, celebrity couple name, country capital names etc. Winners can be based on time or first one to complete correctly. It can be played as 2 minute game.
It is similar to word search but little bit more difficult and interesting. In word search, words are present as vertical, horizontal, diagonal. It could be in forward or reverse direction. There is one direction only. But in word chain search words are not present in one direction. Each alphabet/letter of word is present adjacent to previous alphabet/letter of word. Adjacent could be on top, left, bottom, right but not diagonal. e.g. Word is GAME. A chain is formed where first letter (G) is placed in a cell. Next alphabet (A) is placed on bottom of (G). Next alphabet (M) is adjacent right to (A) which is previous alphabet of word. (E) is placed below to previous alphabet (M).
This could be played in multiple ways. A word would be given and pair word or related word or related words have to be provided depending on game concept. e.g. Pair Words - Day & Night; Related words could be Synonyms
A sentence is given, word search has to be made from with in the sentence words and alphabets. Answer word could be last alphabets of a word in sentence + first few letters of next adjacent word in sentence. e.g. Find colour name from There demand. Answer Red. Re from There and D from Demand.
Word or Words are given with blanks in them. Blanks may be presented by space, dash -, underscore _ or hash #. There would be missing letters in the word represented by above symbols. Word has to be guessed/identified and completed. e.g. COUNTRY can be written as C--N-R- In this example letters O,U,T,Y is the answer.
Jumbled up words are present on a card. Players have to unjumble the words. Words could be based on a theme. This could be a time based game where person who solves maximum words correctly in given time frame wins or based on first finish correctly.
Create small and big words from a word given on card. Points are given based on word length. Player with maximum points win. This game could be time based.
Search for names in jumbled Grid. Names are present Horizontally, Vertically, Diagonally in forward and reverse order. Names are related to theme.
Based on words sentence has to be created. Or Based on sentence word has to be identified. e.g. Say a Movie Dialog is given. Movie has to be identified from it. A word is given, a sentence has to be made.

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