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Activity Cards for party and events.
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Host reads instructions from the card provided. Participants/players/guests do as per the instructions read by host. There could be multiple types of games based on instructions. It could be sit stand game where people sit and stand as per the instructions. It could be passing the parcel in right left game. Many more variations could also be created.
Scratch card or pull out strip or remove tape to check hidden message or code. Lucky one wins. It could be hidden message or secret code. In hidden messages, some messages would be sorry and some (generally 1) would be a lucky message. Person with lucky message winds. Same can be modified by replacing hidden messages with secret codes. Secret code list can be referred with host to check who is/are lucky. It could be played as punctuality game as well.
Recall the items/numbers/colours. A board/card having item names or images or numbers or colours is shown to players for a specified time generally 1 minute. Players can memorize the board layout and items/names/colours/images/numbers. After board is shown to players, host gives answer sheets to players. Players have to provide answers based on questions in answer sheet. Some questions are like what all items you can recall. It could be based on area, colour etc. For number/colour based player has to say all numbers/colour he/she remembers. Winner will be the person with most correct answers. Host can also organise this game by asking how many items based on a particular criteria. First player to give correct answer wins. This is generally theme based.
Message cards is an activity that can be used for different purposes. Guests can be asked to write messages as per theme. Some instructions according to theme. It could be well-wish messages. These cards could be collected by host. Collected cards could be read by host, by writer or some other guest. In case of birthday these could be messages/instructions which can be kept by host and given to intended person like birthday boy/girl one each on his/her next birthdays.
Cards to capture various milestones of life for baby, pregnancy, couples etc.
Instructions are written on chits of paper. These chits can be placed in a bowl or pasted (with little glue) on parcel. Host hand over bowl/parcel to one of the guests at random. Guest picks up a slip and read it. She follows the instruction. Bowl/Parcel is passed onto someone. This next person picks a slip and do as per instruction. Same process is repeated till bowl is empty. Person who is pointed out at the end is winner.
A blindfold is done to the player. An image is pasted on a flat surface like table or on wall. Blindfolded person is taken near to the image. Player has to pin or mark on the image as per the game. Player with closest mark/pin to the desired point on image is winner.
SWAT Identity Square Wheel Addition Triangle Identity 4 shapes..4 colours..4 designs..4 positions Unique combinations on every identity card.. Only 1 pair has same SWAT Identity Search for it in crowd.. An exciting game of ice breaker..chit chat filled with fun.
A tag card is pasted on player's/guest's back. A word is written on tag card. It could be played in different ways. In one of the games it could be person's new name. All guests have to address this person with this new name. In another game each player has to guess her name by asking yes no questions to other guests. Tag names are generally based on theme. It is a very good activity for ice-breaker.
A playing sheet is handed over to players. Words or items are given on sheet. Players have to create and write a story based on these words and items. Winning criteria could be the first player to write a story using all the words and other could be for most hilarious story.
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