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Shared Code kukuba
A Code is given to a group (and same or different code to all groups present on a card). Each code is repeated 3 (or more times) across all cards being played. If a player is winning a particular group dividend then Code present for this particular group may be present on other cards as well. In such a case, all such players get equal distribution of prize amount.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Shared Cue kukuba
Numbers are spread across groups. Some numbers are shared between 2 or more groups (generally 2 groups). When such a number is striked out then it is a strike for all the groups having this number.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Sequence kukuba
Sequence of items (generally 3 items) is shown and same sequence combination has to be striked if present on card.

Items are generally colour shapes (or objects depending on theme). Various dividends could be Full House (completing all sequences on card), completing set of sequences (group of 5 sequneces each), completing each shape across all sequences, completing each colour across all sequences.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Shape Props

product: Props | category: Paper Stuff
Designer Envelopes
product: Envelopes | category:
Singlet Variant kukuba
Classic grid is present but not in the 9x3 format. It could be 9x4, 9x5, 9x6.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Milestone Cards
Cards to capture various milestones of life for baby, pregnancy, couples etc.
product: Activity Cards | category: Activity Cards
Scrabble Pingu kukuba
Points based alphabet number pingu kukuba. Cells with Alphabet and a Number are present. Host calls out the number and Players strike out the number (if present on cards) and corresponding Alphabet. Player checks out Point associated with that alphabet (generally 1 to 5) and remember/write (if space is provided) and make a note of total points collected.

Dividends are based on points system. Collect point to win. When a number is called and player strike it out then she gets points based on number table. Collect points and claim prizes based on Dividend points decided. e.g. If a Dividend is say 13 points then when a player has exact 13 points then she can claim it.
Fun part is that sometimes player crosses a Dividend and doesn't have exact points so the Dividend is still open for others.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Vertical Classic kukuba
Grid layout is reversed. Instead of 9x3 it is 3x9
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Dice Roll
Role a dice and start the journey. Generally used for punctuality games played one by one. Player/guest rolls a dice and hosts keeps a toffee/item after moving forward as the number shown on dice. Based on game rules a one of the toffee/item is placed or picked. Winner is generally person with most toffees/items.
product: Paper Games | category: Games
Jumbled Sequence
Terms/Sentences are present in a set in an jumbled order. Unjumble them to win.
product: Paper Games | category: Games
Reverse kukuba
Numbers or Terms present on a card have to be strike out by reversing the numbers called out. e.g. if 52 is announced 25 has to be strike, for number 90 strike out 9, for number 1 strike out 10.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Zone kukuba
It's a combination of 1 or more classic grid tickets (generally 3) on 1 card. Single ticket or combination of card(s) are divided into zone based on border or colour.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Simple Strike kukuba
Items (name, song, image, term) are present on one side and numbers are present against them. Each item has 3 or 4 (generally 3) numbers written against it in respective columns. In case of 3 columns, numbers 1-30 are present in 1st Column, 31-60 in 2nd column, 61-90 in 3rd column. Host announces the numbers and players strike them. Once all 3 numbers against an item are strike then player claims a prize. Host can put 4-5 such prizes. Other dividends include all numbers of each column.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Dividend Control
Control the dividends
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Sequence Chain Sync
A game of synchronization where various items are present and have to be arranged in synchronization based on given rules.

Terms, items, images are present in a pair of 2. 2nd term has to be searched among other items from the given list as 1st term. Then 2nd term of this searched item has to be searched like above. Term names have to be written in correct sequence to win. e.g. 6 Terms are there as 5 items. A, B, C, D, E, F are terms. These are arranged as following items A-C, E-B, C-E, B-F, F-D. Now, A is followed by C, C is followed by E, E is followed by B and so on. So solution is: A-C-E-B-F-D
product: Paper Games | category: Games
Capture Attack Kukuba
Different numbers (generally 30) are present multiple times on each card in 9x9 grid (generally). Items (as images or words) are present at various grid locations instead of numbers. When a number is called out, all occurrences of that number should be striked out. Aim is to strike all numbers around an item to capture that item.

Dividends could be: Capturing Individual Items, Capturing all items (full house), Early 3 Items, Capturing all same items, Left side of all Items, Right Side of all Items, Capturing all non-border items
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Multiple Kukuba
Different numbers (generally 30) are present multiple times on each card in 9x9 grid (generally). When a number is called out, all occurrences of that number should be striked out.
Dividends could be vertical columns, horizontal rows, same row-column i.e. 3rd & 3rd column, full house, big X i.e. criss-cross, alphabets like A B or C
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Match Count
Various Items/Images are present 0 or more times on a card. These are present randomly. It is played in multiple rounds. Host announces pair, triplet or more items along with count of each item in each round. Players having same number of each item in that round gets a point.

Player(s) having maximum point wins.

e.g. there are total 10 items. Host will have a pre-defined list or one can be created by host (for multiple games), Let say item names are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I & J. In 1st round Host announces 2B+3F. Now players have to count B's and F's on their cards. If any player has exactly 2 B's and 3 F's then he/she gets some points say 3 (1 or more). If only one is found as exact match i.e. 2 B's then player gets 1 point. If both items are more than or equal to then that of host i.e. 4 B's and 3 F's then 2 points This is done for very round.
product: Paper Games | category: Games
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