White Cooking Ingredients

Summary:White Cooking Ingredients has to do with guessing which baggie contains which cooking ingredient. ?

Ages: From 14 and older ?

Recommended Number of Players: Between 5 and 40 ?

Equipment: Pen and paper for each player ?

Set Up: Fill bags that seal tightly with several different white ingredients from the kitchen. Mark each bag with a number. Ingredients could include flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, cream of tarter, salt, sugar, artificial sugar, corn starch, coffee creamer, white cake mix, baby formula and a really tricky one is a packet of white cocoa mix.

How to Play: Each player gets a chance to hold each baggie. They may not smell or taste what is inside. Then they write down the number of the baggie and their guess to what is inside. ?

Winner: The winner is the guest with the most correct answers.
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