Water Balloon Volleyball

Summary:Water Balloon Volleyball is played similar to the regular game, except you use water balloons and sheets to toss it back and forth over the net.

Ages: 12 and older

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Between 6-16 players Two teams Each team should have at least 3 players

Equipment: Played on a volleyball court or you can tie a rope between two trees Each team needs a sheet or beach towel Minimum of 60 water balloons per game Bucket to store filled water balloons until needed

Set Up: If not using a volleyball court with net, tie a rope between two trees. You could also decide not to use a height restriction and just play with the rope on the ground to delineate sides for each team.

The Method of Launching: 1. All team members hold a corner or portion of the catching sheet with both hands. 2. The water balloon is placed in the middle of the sheet being held. 3. The team gives the sheet some slack and then rapidly tightens the sheet while raising it high into air, thus sending the water balloon shooting out the sheet. 4. Launches should be aimed at getting over the net.

The Serve: 1. Two members of the serving team must be positioned behind the restraining line (back line of court) while the sheet is used to launch the water balloon. 2. Served water balloon may graze the net and drop to the other side for point. 3. First game serve is determined by a flip of the coin, each subsequent game shall be served by the previous game loser.

Scoring: 1. Offense is the team who is serving. Defense is the team that receives the serve. 2. Offense will score one point when defense neglects to catch the water balloon in the sheet or on an out of bounds launch. 3. Defense will score one point on an offensive miss, out of bounds launch, or serve into the net.

The Court: 1. Playing area should be approximately 30' x 60' 2. Net height should be approximately 8' from the ground

How to Play Water Balloon Volleyball: 1. The Offense begins by placing a water balloon in the middle of the sheet. All team members hold onto the sheet with both hands. 2. Two team members stand outside the restraining line while serving the water balloon to the Defensive. 3. When the water balloon is launched to the other side of the net, the team then attempts to first catch the water balloon in the sheet, and then to launch it back over the net to the other team. 4. Maximum of three launch attempts per side. This means the water balloon can land in the sheet, be bounced out of the sheet but caught again by the same team three times before it must go over the net. 5. A water balloon popping or dropping on a boundary line is good.

Winner: The game will be played to 25 points, but the winning team must win by 2 points. If playing with only a few water balloons, the team with the most points wins.
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