Treasure Dive

Summary: The treasure dive involves diving into a swimming pool to retrieve items that have sunk.

Ages: 8 to 14, or anyone who can safely dive and swim underwater

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Usually onlty 2 to 5, but it depends on the size of the pool. Only allow as many players to compete at one time that can safely jump in and manuever.

Equipment: Numerous objects that will sink and are not sharp. Objects should be easy to grab for younger crowds, like a rock filled plastic easter egg. Smaller objects that are harder to retrieve are good for more experienced swimmers, such as coins.

How to Play: 1. Have the players on the outside of the pool. They can stand near the edge with their eyes closed. 2. The host throws the objects into the pool in various locations. 3. When the host yells go, the players can open their eyes. They search for treasures at the bottom of pool and jump in to retrieve them.

Winner: The winner is the player who retrieves the most treasures from the bottom of the pool.
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