The Trophy Relay

Summary: The Trophy Relay is a team game where you pass the water balloon from player to player using an empty toilet paper roll.

Ages: 10 and older

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Minimum of 10 players Any Number of Teams Best with 5 players or more per team

Equipment: 1. Each team needs a few water balloons 2. Each team needs an empty cardboard toilet paper roll or paper towel roll 3. A bucket to hold the filled water balloons

Set Up: Fill the water ballons and place in bucket or other storage container until needed

How to Play: 1. Form as many teams as desired with a minimum of 5 players per team. 2. The team members stand in a straight line with their left hand on the right shoulder of the player to their left. 3. The first player puts a water balloon on top of an empty toilet paper roll. 4. He/she then passes the "trophy" under their left leg to the person on his/her left. When the last person receives the trophy, they must pass it back to the beginning of the line. 5. If the balloon is dropped, the team may pick it up and start from where they are at. 6. If the balloon pops, the team leader must run to the spare balloon bucket, get another balloon, and begin again.

Winner: Whichever team can get a filled water balloon to the finish line first wins.
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