The Grocery List Scavenger Hunt

Summary: The Grocery List Scavenger Hunt is played in a supermarket using a story written with homephones. A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word that has a different meaning. Some examples are: eye and I ? ant and aunt. Ages: 12 to 18

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Teams should be limited to 3-4 players Consider the size of your supermarket when determining how many teams you can have

Equipment: Each team will need transporation to the supermarket Each team needs a copy of The Grocery List Scavenger Hunt story sheet Each team needs a pen or pencil The host will need the answer key

Rules: 1. Team players must be respectful in the supermarket and obey all rules of common courtesy. 2. The food equivalent to the homophone must be written down on the Grocery List. For example, if the homophone in the story is the word "karat", then the team must write down the word "carrot" on the Grocery List. The aisle number or department must be written next to the food equivalent homophone. Only food equivalent homphones are written on the lines provided. 3. The Grocery List contains other homophones which are NOT food items. These can simply be circled on the page for extra points. 4. Teams must return to the designated meeting spot when they have finished their list.

How to Play: 1. Before play begins, teams are given a designated spot to meet when they complete their list. This could be right outside the supermarket or by a certain vehicle. 2. Each team receives the Grocery List and a pen or pencil. This starts the game. 3. The team will first try to identify as many food equivalent homophones in the story as possible and write them on the lines of the Grocery List. It is acceptable for the teams to be looking for the aisle numbers of the food equivalents at the same time as they are researching the Grocery List for more food equivalent homophones. 4. Other homophones can be found ANYWHERE on the Grocery List, not just inside the actual coded story. Food equivalent homophones will only be found within the story. 5. The scavenger hunt is concluded when the team arrives back at the designated meeting spot. Scoring: The team that finished first receives 5 points. The second place team receives 3 points. One point for each food equivalent homophone spelled correctly on the grocery list. One point for each correct aisle number or department. One point for every other homophone circled on the page. A perfect score would be 75 points.

Winner: The team with the most points at the end of the scavenger hunt wins.
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