The Compass

Summary: A Get to Know You game where the players must make a choice based on their own tastes

Ages:From 14 and up ?

Recommended Number of Players: Between 8 and 20, depends on the size of the area you have available

Set Up: No prior set-up required ?

How to Play: Designate four corners of an area as North, South, East and West. The entire group begins in the middle of the four compass points. The Host will say two contrasting choices. Each player must decide which they prefer, being completely honest, and then move to that compass point. For instance, the host begins by saying "East - Blueberries; West - Raspberries?" and the group has to move either East or West of the room depending on their answer. Then the host will call out two more choices and everyone must move either North or South. For instance, the host would then say, "North - Home Depot; South - Lowes?" That way, every player must move somewhere and can?t get ?lost? in the crowd. Other constrasting ideas that work well include: movie/book; salty/sweet; dress up/casual; inside/outside; be on the stage performing/in the audience watching. If there is ever only one player in a compass point after the contrasting element has been called out, then that player now gets to be the "man in the middle" and give the choices. ? ?

Winner: Non-competitive
views: 20

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