Spunky Frisbee

Summary: Spunky Frisbee is a team game where the object is to catch as many throws as you can. ?

Ages: From 10 to adult ?

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: 2 teams with at least 2 players each team ?

Equipment: Frisbee ?

Set Up: No prior

Set Up required

How to Play: Make sure you choose a field that is at least 20 yards. Draw or mark off a line for each team that is 15 yards apart. Each team will stand on their own line facing the other team. Have the team members spread out at on the line by raising their arms and having only their fingers touch. The first team will throw the frisbee toward the opposing team. This is called a "serve". The frisbee must cross the opposing teams line to be legal. If the serve does not cross the oppopsing teams line, then one point is scored for the opposing team and that team losses the serve. If the serve crossed the line, then the opposing team has to catch the frisbee with one hand in order to score a point. If the team does catch the frisbee, it is now their turn to "serve" as well as keep their earned point. As long as one team is serving, and the other team does not catch the frisbee after passing over their line, then the first team continures to serve. Play continues until one team reaches 11 points, which then necessitates that the teams swich lines. Continue to play and score as above until the one team has scored 22 points. If the score is only one point from each team, for example, 21 to 22, then play continues until one team has at least 2 more points than their opponent. ?

Winner: First team to reach 22 points or be at least 2 points ahead of the opposing team.
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