Snow Footprint Tag

Summary:Snow Footprint Tag is a game of tag played with only two players, and obviously in the snow.

Ages: Kids of all ages

Recommended Number of Players: Two

Equipment: Fresh snow is required to play

Set Up: Establish a start and a finish. This can be as simple as begin at the back of the car and end at the tree.

Basic Definition of "IT": When discussing "IT" while playing most forms of tag, "IT" refers to the player who must do the chasing, tagging and/or catching.

Basic Definition of "Tag" or "Catch": When "IT" touches another player in the manner specified by the variation of the game, that player is then considered "Tagged" or "Caught" and must act in accordance with this variation of basic Tag.

How to Play Snow Footprint Tag: IT must wait at the starting line while giving the other player one or two seconds as a head start toward the finish line. Then IT must travel in the footprints of the player heis chasing. The object is for IT to catch up to the other player before they arrive at the finish. The other player is to try and wiggle and swerve and make quick turns so the IT can't catch them and possibly make IT fall over a couple times in the path. ?

Winner: If IT hasn't caught the other player, then have the players begin at the finish and head toward the start. Then switch who is playing IT and continue play.
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