Santa Hat

Summary:Santa Hat is an Office Christmas Party Game where the last person wearing the hat gets a silly penalty ?

Ages: Reccomended for Adults ?

Recommended Number of Players: Unlimited ?

Equipment: Santa Hat for each player ?

Set Up: No prior

Set Up required

How to Play: Give each player a Santa Hat to wear as they arrive at the party. Designate a "Leader", usually the boss or the Host/Hostess of the evening. Make sure everyone knows the leader, or at least point them out in the room as you give the player a hat. The object of the game is to NOT be the last player wearing the hat. Let the plaayers know that there will be a penalty for the last person wearing the hat. As soon as the leader removes the santa hat, then all other players in the room must remove their hat as well. ?

Winner: This game really has a loser, rather than a winner. The last player to remove their hat after the leader, must sing a Christmas Song solo, or some other silly penalty.
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