Perfect Picnic Menu Game

Summary:The Perfect Picnic Menu - A game for adults where you guess the other players favorite foods. ?

Ages: From 12 to Adult ?

Recommended Number of Players: Between 5 and 25 ?

Equipment: Pencil for each player One Gamesheet per player PRINT The Perfect Picnic Menu Gamesheet

Set Up: Print the Gamesheets and number them for the amount of players you will have

How to Play: Shuffle the game sheets and hand one to each player. Tell everyone to hide the number on their game sheet while working on it. Let each player circle one item per category on the game sheet. This should be their favorite choice in each column. If they don't like any choices, then ehy can pick any one, but there must be a choice in each. Collect the game sheets when they are all done and shuffle again. Pass them back out in any order. Give each player a little time to look at each game sheet and fill in the name of the person they guess made the menu. Use the second game sheet if you have 25 or less players. ?

Winner: The winner has the most correct answers.
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