Obstacle Course

Summary:A game where you and a teammate have to go through an obstacle course with a balloon inbetween your foreheads. ?

Ages: 8 and up ?

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Two players per team, Multipule teams ?

Equipment: Chairs, Blankets, Traffic cones, anything to

Set Up an obstacle course One Balloon per team ?

Set Up:

Set Up an obstacle course with the items you have gathered. ?

How to Play: The teammates must keep the balloon between their foreheads, or any other part of their head, while running through the obstacle course. They may not touch the balloon with their hands, or let it drop to the ground. ?

Winner: The team with the fastest time wins. ?

Variation: Each player works independently and runs through the obstacle course, picks up a balloon, ties it off and runs back through the course. When the player gets to the end of the course, they pop the balloon to signal the end of the race. The best time wins.
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