Manhunt Tag

Summary:Manhunt Tag is a game of tag where the Manhunter tries to tag as many people as possible, but for everyone else, to avoid being tagged.

Ages: Kids of all ages

Recommended Number of Players: The more the merrier is the motto of tag.

Equipment: No

Equipment necessary

Set Up: Establish a playing area with clear exterior boudaries. Appoint a time keeper and set a time limit for play.

Basic Definition of "IT": When discussing "IT" while playing most forms of tag, "IT" refers to the player who must do the chasing, tagging and/or catching.

Basic Definition of "Tag" or "Catch": When "IT" touches another player in the manner specified by the variation of the game, that player is then considered "Tagged" or "Caught" and must act in accordance with this variation of basic Tag.

How to Play: One person is the Manhunter or IT. The rest of the players are Fugitives. At the start of play, the Manhunter covers her eyes for two minutes. The Fugitives take this opportunity to hide or at least to put some distance between themselves and the Manhunter. When the two minutes have ended, IT begins a serach for the Fugitives. If a Manhunter tags a Fugitive, the Fugitive also becomes a Manhunter and tries to tag other Fugitives. you never know who's been converted, so you's best stay away from everyone. ?

Winner: At the end of Manhunt Tag, all Fugitives who are still Fugitives win. If there are no Fugitives left, no on wins. There is no way for the Manhunter to win, so always select a new Manhunter for each round.
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