Ice Breaker Bingo

Summary: An Ice Breaker Game played like Bingo by getting other players signatures

Ages:From 14 and up ?

Number of Players: Between 10 and 30 ?

Equipment: 1) One Ice Breaker Bingo Game Sheet per player - There are ten sheets, each having the same facts positioned in different squares 2) A pen or pencil for each player ?

Set Up: Either print a Blank Bingo Sheet and make up your own fun, humorous or unique questions to put in the squares...Or you may print the Ice Breaker Bingo Game Sheet provided and play as written. ?

How to Play: Pass out pens and one bingo card to each player. Everyone then goes around the room and finds some one to sign a square in which the signer can truthfully answer that question. Each person you talk to may only sign your sheet once. Once Bingo has been called, everyone sits in a cicle. To make sure the guests get to know each other even better, you can ask each player to explain one of the facts they signed for someone. ?

Winner: When a player successfully obtains 5 signatures in a row on the Bingo game sheet, whether obtained horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, they shout ?BINGO!? This player wins the game.
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