Classic Water Balloon Toss

Summary: Classic Water Balloon Toss is where teams gently throw a water balloon back and forth while trying not to let it pop. Ages: 5 and older

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Minimum of 4 players Each team consists of 2 players As many teams as desired

Equipment: As many water balloons as there are teams Bucket to hold filled water balloons

Set Up: Fill the water ballons and place in bucket or other storage container until needed

How to Play: 1. Divide players into teams of two players each. 2. The team players stand about three to four feet apart to begin. They toss the water balloon back and forth while catching it in their hands. 3. After each successful toss, the players step one foot back.

Winner: The team that can throw the water balloon the farthest without it breaking, wins. Variation: Try playing with one of the team members blindfolded. The one with sight throws it to the blindfolded player and can give verbal directions how to catch it. Then the blindfolded player throws it back.
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