Beach Ball Bear Hug

Summary: Beach Ball Bear Hug is a game of balance while swimming. Ages: From 6 to 14 - Make sure only good swimmers play this game

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Best with 3 to 8 , but the size of the pool will also determine the amount of players

Equipment: Beach Ball of equal size for each player

Rules: 1. Players must lock their arms around the beach ball. If their hands become unlocked, the player is eliminated. 2. Players can only use their legs for propulsion.

How to Play: 1. Start in the shallow end of pool. 2. Have the host yell "Go!" The players cannot use the side of the pool for a kick start. 3. Each player must swim to the opposite end of the pool and back.

Winner: First player back to the shallow end, that has not stopped hugging the beach ball, wins.
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