Baby Shower Bingo

Summary: Baby Shower Bingo is similar to regular bingo. Ages: From 10 and up

Recommended Number of Players: This site gives you 30 printable bingo sheets, but you can play with as many players as desired.

Equipment: Click to print the Baby Shower Bingo game One felt pen for each player to mark off bingo sheet

How to Play: The Caller passes out one bingo sheet and one felt pen to each player. The Caller then randomly reads words from the Caller's Sheet. Each player with that word on their bingo sheet marks it off using the felt pen.

Winner: Their are two common ways you could win: 1. Five in a row either vertical, horizontal or diagonal. The middle square is always FREE. 2. Black Out is when all the boxes have been checked off. A game of chance means that there is no way that the player can play the game to effect the outcome. With bingo this means that there is no manner in which the player can affect the number that is drawn and called. The selection of the number is the result of a random independent selection process. There is no way to predict the outcome and no way can the player play the game to influence the outcome. When a player wins at bingo, it is the result of chance and luck, not skill or strategy. From the point of view of how to play the game then, there is no such thing as a winning bingo strategy.
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