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Ladies carries their purse always and most of the times with lots of stuff. I hope this is true. Let this be turned into a game. Allow guests to use the contents of their to their advantage in this easy-to-implement game.

Prior to the gathering, consider common objects that women may carry in their handbags. Write each object that comes to mind on an index card. Tape the index cards to a wall in your party venue, and cover them with a sheet of paper or fabric so that they are not visible as party guests arrive.

How to Play:
When time comes to play the game, explain to party guests that you soon expose a wall full of index cards featuring common purse contents. Divide guests into four teams. Tell the teams that, when you expose the wall, they should move through their purses and pull out the listed contents. If a team member has one of the objects, a member from the team must run to the wall and remove the index card, pairing it with the object. The team with the most properly paired index cards at the conclusion of the game wins.
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