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1) The Ladies Kitty Party Games Alternative to House. This one needs a little preparation and someone to organize it before hand and call the numbers. It also deserves a prize for the winner. House game cards are made by each party member having a sheet of paper on which they are instructed to draw out a grid containing, for example; 49 squares (7 by 7). They then randomly fill in numbers between 1 and 100. Without reading the end of these instructions out loud, the person selected to call out the numbers instructs everyone to write out an embarrassing word or phrase at the head of the number grid- she should reassure the party members that they will not have say this out loud. They are then asked to pass the sheet of paper to the person on their left. At this point you can tell them that it SHE who must read out the phrase/ word each time she crosses off a number called! At the end instead of calling “house”, the winner must recite ALL the phrases/words, or forgo her prize! Have fun!
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