White Memory Game (1 Minute Party Games)

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White Memory Game
Remember, recall and write white color items in order as shown at start
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themes: Party
Put all items in a line/sequence (or show items 1 by 1, organisor should note down list)
Show all items to all players for 30 seconds to 1 minute
Players can memorize item sequence
Hide all items
Provide Paper and Pencil to each player
Players have to write items in sequence as shown in 1 minute
Players cannot write names when items are being shown
10 bowls filled with 10 different white color things
Some items Flour (maida), Salt, Milk powder, Baking powder, Sugar powder, Cornflour, Wheat flour, Rice flour, Sugar Free powder, Rock salt (kala namak), Sendha salt, Suji etc.
Paper (for writing)
Player with most correct items in correct sequence wins
Counting of items should start from 1st item, 2nd item and so on
other names:
Memory Game
My Memory
level: Moderate
cost: Medium
level: Easy
duration: Upto 5 Minutes
age group: 18 to 50
people: Ladies | Gents
group: 4 to 30
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