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pingu is a family and kitty party entertainer board game played between 3 or more people. It is based on Points and Numbers. Collect points to win. It is a 90 number game with 18 Numbers and 4 Circles/Colours. Caller picks a number randomly and announces it. Players have to strike the number on their Pingu Cards.

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Organisor tells about winning conditions/criteria/dividends
Organisor announces numbers randomly
Players have to strike numbers, collect points and make combinations
If player thinks that he has completed a dividend/winning condition he/she shouts for the same
Organisor verified for the same
If player winning criteria is fine then organisor announces win for that player for that dividend
Each Circle/Colour has different numbers present. 1st Circle (Green) has 3 numbers. 2nd Circle (Yellow) has 4 Numbers. 3rd Circle (Blue) has 5 Numbers. 4th Circle (Red) has 6 Numbers.
Points are given to each number depending on the Circle it is present in. Numbers in Green Circle are of 1 Point each. Numbers in Yellow Circle are of 2 Points each. Numbers in Blue Circle are of 3 Points each. Numbers in Red Circle are of 4 Points each.

Strike Numbers - Collect Points - Make Point Combinations - Win

If player has not won a dividend then ticket/card is bogie
A pingu game board with 1-90 numbers (tambola board can be used)
Set of pingu cards
Markers/Pens to strike out numbers
Collect 50 Points to complete Full House. Player has to say Pingu when 50 points have been collected. 50 points can be collected when all numbers have been striked. Green Circle has 3 Points total (with 1 point for each of 3 Numbers), Yellow Circle has 8 Points total (with 2 points for each of 4 Numbers), Blue Circle has 15 Points total (with 3 points for each of 5 Numbers) and Red Circle has 24 Points total (with 4 points for each of 6 Numbers). In total there are 3 + 8 + 15 + 24 = 50 Points.
other names:
Tambola Circles
level: Moderate
cost: Low
level: Easy
duration: Upto 1 Hour
age group: 20 to 50
group: 4 to 1000
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