Lowest Unique Tender (Ice Breaker)

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Lowest Unique Tender
Lowest Unique Tender is based on applying for a secret tender for a product item. Tenders are open together later by organisor. Tender with lowest price with unique price is winner.
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category: Ice Breaker
themes: Party
Place a Product Item and declare maximum price for it
Guests have to write a tender price on Piece of paper along with their name/identity
Price should be in such a way that it should be unique and lowest
To make a twist Organisor can ask for tender price to be paid in exchange of gift from the winner
Only 1 tender can be placed by 1 player
Maximum Price of product/gift is set
Price cannot be 0
It should be positive integer like 1, 2, 3 and so on..
Sheets to distribute for writing tender
Set of Pens
Player with lowest unique tender wins the gift/product
In case no one has lowest unique tender then 2 people with lowest price is taken.
In case there is no tender price with 2 people and then 3 people for lowest price are considered and so on.
Winner from these 2 (or 3) is chosen either by lottery or by playing again tender game for same product between these 2 (or 3) people
other names:
Unique Tender Bid
level: Very Easy
cost: Low
level: Very Easy
duration: Upto 5 Minutes
age group: 12 to 60
group: 6 to 500
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