Jaimala Varmala (1 Minute Party Games)

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Jaimala Varmala
Couple partners put jaimala on each other. Couple with maximum jaimala pairs win
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themes: Couple
Couple partners stand opposite to each other 20 meters apart
15 Jaimala are placed on a table for each partner
There is center line between couple
Both partners have to pick 1 jaimala at a time and run/walk towards each other upto center line and put jaimala on each other's neck
After putting jaimala return to respective tables and take another jaimala and go towards center line
Center line should not be crossed
Only 1 jaimala at a time by each partner can be taken
Jaimala should be put on neck
1 pair of jaimala is counted as 1 jaimala from each partner
If 1 partner has 10 jaimala and other has 9 jaimala and total pairs would be 9
30 Plastic Jaimala (or flower Jaimala)
2 tables to place 15 Jaimala each
Couple with maximum pair of Jaimala on their necks
other names:
Refreshing Jaimala stage memories
Jaimala again
level: Easy
cost: Low
level: Easy
duration: Upto 20 Minutes
age group: 21 to 55
people: Couple
group: 6 to 30
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