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Category: Ice Breaker
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Lowest Unique Tender is based on applying for a secret tender for a product item. Tenders are open together later by organisor. Tender with lowest price with unique price is winner.
preparation: Very Easy
play: Very Easy

SWAT Identity is a Club, Social Gathering, Fest and Kitty party entertainer entertainment game played between 15 or more people. SWAT means Square, Wheel, Addition, Triangle. It is based on searching for same Identity. Search for person having same Identity Card i.e. SWAT Identity and Win. Each SWAT Identity Card is made of 16 items from 4 attributes. There are 4 Shapes (Square, Wheel, Addition, Triangle), 4 Colours (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow), 4 Designs (Fill, Line, Dots, Pattern) at 4 Positions (1, 2, 3, 4). Guests/Players have to stick it to their Shirts/Top Pocket (as Identity Card) and find exact match of their Identity Card. Matching should be done for all 4 attributes i.e. Shape, Colour, Design and Position. If such a combination is found then both the Players win. SWAT Identity is an ice-breaker game and involves chit chatting.
code: g18
theme: Party
category: Ice Breaker
type: Indoor Activities
genre: Kitty Party | Kids Party | Club Event | Birthday | Anniversary | Couple Party
people: Ladies | Gents | Kids
preparation: Moderate
play: Moderate

A Get to Know You game that involves removing your shoes
code: g1
theme: General
category: Ice Breaker
type: All
genre: Club Event | Kitty Party
people: Adults | Gents
preparation: Easy
play: Easy

occasion(s): Ladies Sangeet
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