Candles and Bangles (1 Minute Party Games)

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Candles and Bangles
Light candles and place different color bangles on candles
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themes: Party
Place all candles on a table
Mix all 50 bangles
Player lightens up candle/candles
Take 5 different color of bangles and place on a candle
Then picks another set of 5 different bangles and place on next candle

Player can light all (or some) candles in starting or one by one. Depends on player's strategy
Only those candles will be counted which are lighted and have all 5 different bangles on it
Candle which is not lighted but has 5 different coloured bangles will not be counted
Candle which is lighted but does not have all 5 different bangles will not be counted
50 bangles (10 bangles of each colour)
5-6 Candles
2 Matchsticks
Player who makes maximum successful combination of different bangles on lighted candles win
other names:
Bangle the Candles
Candles wear Bangles
level: Easy
cost: Low
level: Easy
duration: Upto 20 Minutes
age group: 21 to 45
people: Ladies | Gents
group: 5 to 25
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