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Relatives Relationship

Find out relationship with you (as male) for given brain teasing clues of relations. Find out how is person related to you.
Guess Holi Songs Movies

Songs are present on left. Guess and write movie to which a particular song belongs to on right.
Classic Tambola 1

Classic Tambola 1
Tambola Housie Board

Each game of Tambola Housie requires a board with numbers. We have prepared a colourful small size board for this purpose. This is handy to use. Easy row has different colour to easily distinguish numbers. Coins are not required as numbers can be directly striked on card. Host can randomly say a number and strike or encircle it.
Holi What in Purse

Host asks the players/guests about items. Host announces item name and guests tell if they have that item. This game can be played in different ways A playing sheet having item names under points category are given to guests. Guests mark the items they have. Points are calculated and player with maximum points win. In another way of playing, host can also announce items randomly and in between can say count. Player with maximum points at that time wins.
Tambola Housie Board 2

Classic Tambola Housie Board with random numbers. Compact size board can be used as use and throw board. Host can call numbers in given sequence or randomly. Numbers are provided randomly so that it becomes easy for host to call numbers without thinking on which number to call next.
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