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Playing Cards Capture Kukuba

This is a Twisted Tambola, adding a new flavour of enjoyment to the traditional tambola game. 30 numbers are present multiple times on each card in 9x9 grid. Items (as images or words) are present at various grid locations instead of numbers
Playing Cards Mobile Number kukuba 2

Number based housie based on playing cards and mobile numbers. Players have to write 10 digit mobile number on their card. Host takes 40 cards from playing cards deck with A to 10 for each suit. A stands for 1 and 10 stands for 0. Host randomly takes 1 card and announce it. With the combination of mobile number digit and suit colour above it player has to check if the called number matches with any such combination on his/her card. If it is there than player can strike it. There can be multiple interesting dividends.
Playing Cards kukuba 12

To be played with numbers. Numbers are present in 4 groups.
Brand Sab Ki Soch

Brand Sab Ki Soch
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