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Friends Section Host Dividend Kukuba 1
code: list1380
product: Section Host Dividend KukubaHost has 2 set of coins for playing. 1st set is used for normal calling of numbers. Second set of coins is use to put randomly across different sections/groups or these can be pre-filled for host. A playing card is provided to all participants. Same enlarged/big size card is available with host. Card has different groups (instead of lines), generally 6 or more. Host puts equal (generally) numbers of coins in each section/group randomly. Game starts normally by calling numbers. If a group gets completed for a participant then all numbers of the claiming participant are matched with corresponding section/group of host card. If no (0) number of participant card matches with host card then no price and game continues with the group is still available as dividend. If 1 number of participant card matches with host card then price amount is 1 time. If 2 number of participant card matches with host card then price amount is 2 time and so on. (KukubaKukuba is an item strike based paper game where host announces a number, name, displays image, gives hint or ask question and players have to identify and strike them on their cards. It is similar in concept to other popular games like Tambola Housie and Bingo but differs with them by having more variety in form of grid size, total numbers, names, images, question answer, designer, theme based etc. There are many variants for kukuba like classic kukuba, joker kukuba, double kukuba, duplicate kukuba, pingu, tagyab, crossword kukuba, wordsearch kukuba etc.)
theme: Friendship
Chef Apron Kukuba 1
Makar Sankranti Kukuba 8
Lohri Alphabets Kukuba 1
Lohri Kukuba 7
Lohri Kukuba 6
Pretty Ladies Kukuba 1
Kite Kukuba 5
Kite Kukuba 4
Kitchen Queen kukuba 1
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