Bingo Lingo and Online Bingo Chat Phrases

With the advent of bingo coming into the online gaming genre, a whole new language and rules of behaviour have grown up around it. Bingo in any setting is an incredibly social game and this has translated well into the online gaming sphere. Although it is not absolutely necessary to learn every chat phrase and rule of behaviour before you can play online bingo, it is a good idea to go through them briefly to see what is expected of you, also so that you know what to expect.

Until I actually read a few chat phrases and what they meant, I was a bit lost. Although I have to admit the other players were friendly and when I asked them what ROFL meant, they did tell me.

The chat phrases or bingo lingo is another story, but don’t let them intimidate you or stop you from enjoying your game of online bingo, you will soon get used to them and see how they work.

Some examples are obvious:
1TG – One To Go
2TG – Two To Go
3TG – Three To Go
ADIOS – Adios
AWESOME – Awesome
DAMN – Damn (and you are allowed to use it)

While others are not so obvious:
ROFL – Roll on the floor laughing
BOL – Best of Luck
BRB – Be Right Back
CBS – Come back soon
CU – See You
DBL – Don’t Be Long
DCL – Don’t cry love
G2BB – Great to be back
GLA – Good Luck Everyone
WD – Well Done
WB – Welcome back
And so it goes!
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