Indian Bingo

Tambola is the Indian Name for Bingo and is played at kitty parties, get to-gathers and kids parties. It is a favorite time pass for many families generally on weekends when 2-3 families meet up or during some function. Now, Tambola has taken online form in India and is very popular among Indian masses.

Television has also been touched by the popularity of Tambola in India and Television Tambola is also played on National as well as local channels with various prizes. Tambola is also known as Housie or Lotto in some parts of India and is played with a Tambola Board, Tambola Cues and Tambola Tickets. A Tambola board is a 90 number board with numbers ranging from 1-90 with 10 numbers in each horizontal line. For Tambola Tickets, there is one Tambola Leaf with 6 Tickets on it. Each such Ticket has 15 numbers on it from 1-90 with a specific pattern. There are 3 rows and 9 columns with 5 numbers in each row. For each column number ranges from 1-9 for 1st column, 10-19 for 2nd column, 20-29 for 3rd column and so on.. and 80-90 for 9th column. And in each Leaf, all the numbers from 1-90 one and only one time so that there are a total of 15*6=90 numbers on the Leaf.

The bingo played in Australia is known as Housie and is just the same verion of Indian Tambola, but with a different name.

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