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Strike Kukuba

product: Kukuba | category: Games
Tambola Board
Tambola Board
product: Tambola Housie | category: Games
Singlet Kukuba
1 ticket is present on 1 card. It is classic grid based designer kukuba.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Designer Tambola
Classic tambola based on design
product: Tambola Housie | category: Games
Pingu Points
Number based kukuba where numbers/cues are present in circle. Strike out numbers and collect points.
Numbers are present in concentric circles with different weightage for different circles. When a number is strike out, player gets points based on circle in which number is present. Collect given number of points to win.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Pingu Connect
Numbers are present on cards. Images are present between numbers. Cards generally have concentric circles. An image gets completed when all numbers (generally 2) are striked out. Host calls the numbers and players strike them out on their cards.

Complete dividends to win. Dividends are like combination of images - 3 Image 1 & 2 Image 2, All Image 1, Full house - All Images, Images in a group (or circle), 2 Image 1 & 3 Image 2 from Circle 1.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Triplet kukuba
Three tickets are present on one card. It can be played as three games or single game. In a single game, 3 tickets can be considered as one ticket, 3 tickets or mix. In case of mix tickets some dividends would be based on combination of 2 or more tickets.
product: Tambola Housie | category: Games
Duet Kukuba
Double classic tickets are present on one card. It can be played as two games or single game. In a single game, 2 tickets can be considered as one ticket, two tickets or mix. In case of mix tickets some dividends would be based on combination of both tickets.
product: Tambola Housie | category: Games
Word Search kukuba
Tambola in form of word search. An alphabet grid is present with single alphabet present in each cell. Words are present in horizontal, vertical, diagonal direction. Each alphabet has a number associated with it. When a number is called corresponding cell has to be striked.

Identify related words in grid and complete them by striking all alphabets of a word.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Crossword kukuba
A cross-word is given with words filled in. Each Cross-word box have an alphabet and a number. Numbers are called like normal tambola housie and player have to strike it. Complete words by striking numbers. Dividend options are each word, all vertical lines, all horizontal lines, all vowels, all consonants, First & Last of each Horizontal Line, First & Last of each Vertical Line, early five, full house
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Lucky Me
Scratch card or pull out strip or remove tape to check hidden message or code. Lucky one wins. It could be hidden message or secret code. In hidden messages, some messages would be sorry and some (generally 1) would be a lucky message. Person with lucky message winds.
Same can be modified by replacing hidden messages with secret codes. Secret code list can be referred with host to check who is/are lucky.
It could be played as punctuality game as well.
product: Activity Cards | category: Activity Cards
Mark Answer
A type of quiz, brain teaser. Mark answer as yes/no or right/wrong based on question, logic.
product: Paper Games | category: Games
Choice Fill
Questions, clues are given along with list of all answers for questions. Choose answer for a question from the given list of answers.
product: Paper Games | category: Games
Count Word Chain Search
It is similar to word search but little bit more difficult and interesting. It is also similar to Word Chain Search with slight difference. There are different words in Word Chain Search but in Count Word Chain Search there is generally one word which has to be searched for all occurrences and counted.

In word search, words are present as vertical, horizontal, diagonal. It could be in forward or reverse direction. There is one direction only. But in word chain search words are not present in one direction. Each alphabet/letter of word is present adjacent to previous alphabet/letter of word. Adjacent could be on top, left, bottom, right but not diagonal.
e.g. Word is GAME. A chain is formed where first letter (G) is placed in a cell. Next alphabet (A) is placed on bottom of (G). Next alphabet (M) is adjacent right to (A) which is previous alphabet of word. (E) is placed below to previous alphabet (M).
product: Paper Games | category: Games
Calculate Items
Do a calculation based on value of an item. Do addition, subtraction and other mathematical operations. It could be based on some logic.
product: Paper Games | category: Games
Multi Number kukuba
In classic Tambola, one number is called at a time. In multi tambola, multiple numbers are called at a time as a group. Group can have 2 or 3 numbers generally. Group is given a name like a word, song etc. That word, song is called along with the numbers in that group.
This makes game moves faster. Multi prizes for a group may happen.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Fill kukuba
Numbers have to be filled by player on his/her card. Numbers could be filled randomly or based on logic or as per game requirement.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Calculate kukuba
Numbers have to be calculated (based on logic) and filled.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Story kukuba
A story is read out, players have to identify numbers, words from story and strike them on cards if they are present.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
Quiz kukuba
Classic housie has numbers present on it which has to be striked. Word tambola has Word, Item Name, Names, Songs, Movies which has to be striked. In above cases same number, word, name, song is announced and has to be striked.

In quiz based, a question is put and answer has to be striked out.
e.g. A song is called, movie name has to be guessed which is present on cards and striked. A movie dialog is called out, movie has to be identified and striked. In education housie, a general knowledge question is called, answer has to be striked.
product: Kukuba | category: Games
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