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Summary:String Along Songs is a game about associating song titles through use of the same words. ?

Ages: 14 and older ?

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Individuals up to 4 players If playing in teams, up to 4 teams is best ?

Equipment: Pad of paper and pencil for each player or team ?

Set Up: No

Set Up required ?

Rules: 1. A song title can not be repeated. 2. The next player or team must respond when it is their turn within 10 seconds. 3. If a player or team does not respond, they are eliminated from the game. ?

How to Play: 1. Give each player or team 5 minutes to brainstorm as many song titles as they can and write them down. These must be song titles, not lines within the song. 2. Choose a team to read one title from their list. 3. The next team must then say a song title that has at least one word from the first teams song title. 4. The flow of song titles may go something like this: "Get Off Of My Cloud" "Fields Of Gold" "Heart Of Gold" "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" "My Sharonah" "If You Don't Believe I Love You, Just Ask My Wife"

Winner: The last player or team left in the game wins.

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