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Summary:Statue Frisbee involves playing frisbee without moving your feet. ?

Ages: From 10 to adult ?

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: 2 teams with 2 players each ?

Equipment: Frisbee ?

Set Up: No prior

Set Up required

How to Play: Set a time limit of 10 minutes. Two members of the same team then stand about 15 to 20 feet apart, facing each other in the playing field. The opposing team does the same. Each team makes their first throw and if the other team member catches the frisbee without moving their feet, that team receives one point. If the player misses the catch and has to run to get the frisbee, then no point is granted. The player must then throw from where they DID catch the frisbee, or where it landed if the throw was missed. ?

Winner: The team with the most points after the time limit has lapsed wins.

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