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Summary: A great girls game that is not only fun to play, but in the end, you have a full set of polished nails.

Ages:From 10 to 18 ?

Recommended Number of Players: Between 3 and 12 ?

Equipment: At least as many bottles of nail polish as you do players. More colors can be purchased for additional fun. ?

Set Up: No prior set-up is required ?

How to Play: Have the guests sit in a circle. Spin the first bottle of nail polish in the middle of the circle. If you are playing in a room with carpet, try putting the nail polish in a pie plate first to spin. When the bottle stops spinning, the player to whom the cap is pointing has to paint ONE fingernail that color. She may paint any fingernail of her choice. Next, change nail polish colors and spin that bottle of nail polish.

Winner: Non-competitive

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