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Summary:A group game where the players discover similarities and differences about each other ?

Ages: From 14 and up ?

Recommended Number of Teams: At least two teams with between 5 to 8 players on each team ?

Equipment: Paper and pencil for each team ?

Set Up: Mark the sheet of paper with two column headings, one that says Same and the other column should read Different ?

How to Play: Each team compiles a list of the things they have in common (Same). In order for it to make the list, it must apply to everyone on the team. The team may not write things that people can see. For instance, ?everyone is human,? or ?we are all wearing jeans?. They must be things that are not readily obvious. For instance, "we have all ridden an elephant" or "Santa Clause always wraps the presents before he leaves them under the tree." In the second column, have them record differences, meaning that each item applies to only one person on the team. For instance, "I once had to fill the ambulance I was in with gas so it could make it to the hospital." The team can only find 2 differences for each player. Place a time limit on the game, usually between 8-10 minutes. ?

Winner: Each team is scored by counting up the number of commomalities for one point each and the differences for two points each. The winner is the team with the most points.

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