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Summary:Red White and Blue Tag is a Fourth of July twist on the familiar game of tag. ?

Ages: From 5 to 12 ?

Recommended Number of Players: Between 6 and 30 ?

Equipment: Red, White and Blue chips - a few more than one chip for each player ?

Set Up: Pass out one chip per player before play begins

How to Play: Two kids are designated to be "It." Everyone else holds a colored chip in their fists (red, white, or blue). The "Its" chase the others and try to tag them. When tagged, they have to give the person that's "It" their chip, then go to a designated person for a new chip. The first "It" to have collected 1 red, 1 white, and 1 blue chip yells "STOP!" The game can resume after 2 more kids are designated "It". ?

Winner: The first player to collect all three colored chips.

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