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Summary:Pixie Dust Relay is played using Pixie Sticks candy and a spoon.

Ages: From 5 to 12

Recommended Number of Players: Between 6 and 20, at least two teams

Equipment: A bag of Pixie Sticks Candy, at least one per player One plastic spoon per team One large bowl per team

Set Up: Make a start and finish line about 20 feet apart and put the bowls on the finish line.

How to Play: Have each team line up on the starting line. Each player gets a Pixie Stick, but they may NOT open them yet. The first team member in line holds the spoon. When the host yells "Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!" the first player opens their Pixie Stick and pours it onto the spoon. Then they run to the finish line and dump the Pixie Dust into their teams bowl. The player runs back to the start line where they pass the spoon to the next player who then opens their Pixie Dust. If the children who are playing are younger, have extra Pixie Sticks available and let those players who drop theirs have another chance from the starting line again.

Winner: Play continues until all players from one team has deposited their Pixie Dust into the team bowl.

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