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Summary: The milk jug water balloon toss is a way to make the simple water balloon toss into something a little more challenging.

Ages: 10 and older

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Minimum of 4 players Each team consists of 2 players Unlimited amount of teams

Equipment: 1. Cut the bottom off a one gallon plastic milk jug. Cut another slice out of one side so the jug resembles a scoop. Throw the lid away. 2. Each team needs one water balloon. 3. A bucket to hold the filled water balloons.

Set Up: Fill the water ballons and place in bucket or other storage container until needed

How to Play: 1. Divide players into teams of two players each 2. The team players stand about three to four feet apart to begin. They toss the water balloon back and forth while catching it in their milk jugs. 3. After each successful toss, the players step one foot back. 4. If the balloon pops, that team in eliminated. 5. Continue playing until only one team is remaining.

Winner: The team that can throw the water balloon the farthest without it breaking wins.

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