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Summary:Measles is played using new names and trying not to contract "measles."

Ages: From 12 to adult

Recommended Number of Players: Between 6 and 30

Equipment: Red dot stickers, small White name tag labels

Set Up: Create a new name for each player and write it on the name tags before the game begins. If your party has a theme, create names within that theme.

How to Play: After creating a new name for each player, put the name tag on the player as they arrive at the party. The one rule is that everyone has to use their new name when referring to either themselves or each other. They may NOT ever say an actual name of someone at the party. If a player speaks someones actual name, they have to wear a red dot sticker on their face. This gets pretty funny as each player makes more mistakes, and the amount of "measles" begins to build up.

Winner: The person with the most dots (measles) at the end of the game, loses.

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