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Summary: The game of Marco Polo is a game of hide and seek played in the swimming pool.

Ages: From 6 to 14, should be played only with good swimmers

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: As few as 2 can play, but 3 to 8 is


Equipment: None

How to Play: 1. Choose one player to be "It", sometimes refered to as Marco. 2. The player who is Marco closes their eyes and ducks underwater for a few seconds while the other players scatter around the inside of the pool. 3. No player may leave the pool completly. They must stay in the water with at least half their body submerged. 4. Marco then comes up for air and yells "Marco!" 5. The other players all yell "Polo!" 6. With only the sound the of their voices as a clue, Marco begins to search for the other players. Marco can yell "Marco" as many times as he likes and the other players must all respond with "Polo." 7. When Marco touches another player, than that player becomes Marco and the game continues.

Winner: This is not a competitive game.

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