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Summary:A relay game involving marshmellows and toothpicks ?

Ages: From 6 to 18 ?

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Between 4 to 10 players At least 2 teams ?

Equipment: One toothpick per player One jumbo sized marshmellow per team ?

Set Up: No prior set-up required ?

How to Play: Have the teams line up shoulder to shoulder. Each player then puts the toothpick between their teeth and places their hands behind their backs. The marshmallow is placed on the end of the first players toothpick from each team. Have the Hostess yell "Go!" If the marshmellow falls to the ground, a new marshmellow is given to the first player and the team must begin again. ?

Winner: The team who can transfer the marshmellow all the way down the line by the use of only the toothpicks, wins.

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