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Summary: A game that involves chasing and gathering of clothes pins Ages: From 5 to 16

Recommended Number of Players: Between 5 and 20

Equipment: Seven clothes pins per player

Set Up: No prior set-up required

How to Play: Clip seven clothes pins on the back of each players pajamas. Have the players stand in a circle facing each other so the clothes pins all face outside the circle. Have the Hostess yell "GO!" Every player now runs around trying to get the clothes pins off each others backs. When a player grabs pin from someone else, they must clip it on the front of their own pajamas. No one is to pull a clip off the front. Holding onto clothing or preventing someone from moving in any way is against the rules. When all pins have been removed from the back of the pajamas, the game is over.

Winner: The player who has collected the most pins, wins.

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